A Giving Spirit: Making a Difference, One Cap at a Time

Over the years, Janet has done a little bit of everything.  In addition to her current charitable efforts, she has worked in a grocery store, a dime store and in-home healthcare. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Janet has six children, two girls and four boys, including a pair of twins. Her oldest daughter lives nearby in Akron so it’s convenient for Janet to see family. She is currently a resident of Brookdale Montrose and she truly enjoys the food and the socialization she finds there.

“I don’t have to cook for one thing,” said Janet. “I also enjoy the chance to get out. There is always a place to go and talk with people and you really never feel alone.”

Although many of her friends, family members and community associates know all about Janet’s charitable work, she prefers to mostly stay under the radar.

“I donate the hats so I don’t think people know who has made them,” said Janet. “I don’t mind being anonymous.”

Although she has already made more than 500 caps, Janet sees no reason to stop now.

“I might as well go for 1,000,” she said .”I have 45 more that have already been donated and there are 27 finished caps in a bag right now in my apartment.”

With hundreds of grateful recipients of Janet’s “Chemo Caps,” Janet’s generous and giving nature has helped to raise spirits across her community. Her admirable example of selfless effort will continue to resonate with family and friends for generations to come.