From the Mouse to the Head of the House: A Brookdale Executive Director’s Journey

Early on in his operations career, he started a fun tradition called “Red Pants Wednesday.” Every Wednesday, Robert and his team wore red pants as a gesture of solidarity. The residents also liked what they saw and decided to participate in the weekly tradition.

“When I became the executive director of Colonial Park, I brought this tradition with me,” said Robert. “It is awesome to see how something small like this can build a community and a team of people into something larger. It now has become our culture and helped develop our work ethic, teamwork and unity for our community.” 

After all of the twists and turns his career has taken over the years, Robert truly loves and revels in his role as executive director.

“I love everything that I do, even the difficult parts,” said Robert. “Being able to be a part of the lives of the residents and associates means the world to me. It’s what inspires me every day to strive to be the best leader, mentor and trusting person for everyone I can be. If I can make a difference, whether it be improving my community or just listening to resident concerns, it gives me my ‘why’ behind what I do for a living.”