Story August 25, 2022

What Is Your Why? Lori Griffith, Lead Caregiver Shares Hers

Lori Griffith, lead caregiver, shares her "why."

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Story August 24, 2022

"Trust Is the Foundation for Everything I Do" Jessica's Story

Relationships are so important to Jessica. They fuel her passion for serving the residents of her community

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Story August 22, 2022

Brookdale Residents’ Paths Cross Once Again

Pauline and Jan are neighbors at Brookdale Altamonte Springs, but their paths crossed more than 60 years ago.

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Story August 03, 2022

Relationships Keep Me Coming Back Every Day – Jonathan Williams

Brookdale Lake Shore Drive associate Jonathan Williams explains what keeps him coming back to the community after spending more than 15 years with the community. 

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Story August 01, 2022

What Is Your Why? Dining Services Coordinator, Tralunica Burns, Shares Hers

Hear more from Ms. T about why she enjoys what she does. 

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